Slimming and oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Oxygen therapy in the normobaric chamber stimulates blood circulation, which significantly improves metabolism , stimulates the digestive system, which in turn contributes to weight reduction.


One of the main problems when losing weight is poor blood flow and hypoxia of fat cells (triglycerides). During therapy in the normobaric chamber, the process of fatty acid breakdown and conversion into energy is accelerated. A well oxygenated body gets rid of kilos better.


Slimming and thyroid - oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Oxygen under pressure has a positive effect on the production of hormones, including leptin, which is produced by fat cells. The main task of this hormone is to regulate appetite and a sense of satiety. Leptin also speeds up metabolism, inhibits fat storage and activates its breakdown. Because of its properties, leptin is called the satiety hormone. In addition, its task is to reduce cortisol (stress hormone-eating stress), regulates the production of thyroid hormone (Hashimoto). The higher the oxygen intensity, the more leptin it produces.


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