For diabetics, the main problems that oxygen therapy can overcome are the increased susceptibility to hypertension that promotes atherosclerosis and the possibility of diabetic foot syndrome. In the context of these problems, normobaric oxygen therapy can bring some relief to diabetics.


Diabetes and faster wound healing - oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Numerous studies have proven that oxygen therapy as an element of comprehensive therapy of diabetic foot syndrome allows for significant improvement and reduction of gangrene and even its complete elimination. The therapy oxygenates, and thus allows the blood to provide more oxygen, which is somehow food for the cells. In this way, it significantly accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, eliminates anaerobic bacteria and reduces the risk of infection. All this allows for faster healing of wounds.


The latest research by scientists from Dallas and Boston has shown that regular use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy by patients with diabetes reduces the risk of foot amputation by as much as 33%. This also applies to patients with leg ulcers struggling long before starting therapy.


Oxygen therapy benefits:


  • Swelling reduction

  • Fighting infections (e.g. those attacking bone tissue)

  • Increase collagen production

  • Improving fibroblast reproduction and regeneration and tissue growth


Usually a series of 30 treatments is recommended to achieve the desired results.


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