Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. It can occur in varying degrees, affects people of all ages (even children). Depression is a state of disturbed mood that reduces our activity. People struggling with this disease lose their sense of purpose and purposefulness.


Depression is treated pharmacologically and through psychotherapy. A number of alternative methods, such as choreotherapy or radiation therapy, are also used to treat depression. For several years, research on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in people suffering from depression has been ongoing. The procedure is quite successful in slowing down and treating other neurological diseases.


Depression - oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Normo Life normobaric chamber supports people struggling with depression. The oxygen therapy offered allows to reduce the discomfort associated with the depressed mood. Oxygen is of great importance for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. Providing our body with a powerful dose of oxygen under high pressure improves mood, accelerates the metabolism of nerve cells, improves blood flow to tissues - including the brain. That is why we can say that the normobaric chamber supports the treatment of depression.


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