Hashimoto immunity reconstruction - oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Hashimoto is primarily an autoimmune / immune system disease. One of the effects of reduced immunity is the reduction of tissue oxygen demand. The reversal of this process is the supply of oxygen to the cell. Only thanks to the increased pressure up to 1500hPa and the appropriate oxygen mixture which is in the Normo Life normobaric chamber, the body is able to provide adequate oxygen supply and increase immunity.


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One of the main problems faced by people suffering from Hashimoto is continuous destruction of the liver. You can even say that the disease "eats" the thyroid gland . Oxygen therapy in the Normo Life chamber accelerates the formation of new blood vessels in damaged tissues, they become well supplied with blood and oxygenated so that the body has more strength to fight infections, faster regeneration of damaged organs and effectively prevents the development of all viruses and bacteria.


Therapy in the Normo Life chamber accelerates stem cell growth by up to 8 times, which has a key role in accelerating the regeneration and reconstruction of the thyroid gland. The stem cell is unique due to its ability to transform into any cells. Wandering around the body recognizes damaged tissues, repairs and heals them. Thanks to this, the body regenerates faster and significantly reduces recovery time.


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