One of the causes of migraines, manifested by severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, is hypoxia of brain cells .


Scientists from the University of Copenhagen under the direction of dr. Messoud Ashiny analyzed data collected in 19 studies that used magnetic resonance imaging to assess the brain structure of people with migraines (with or without aura) and people who had no migraine headaches.



Migraine aura and oxygen therapy


Aura occurs in about 10 percent. patients who have migraines. This is a set of neurological symptoms such as visual disturbances (dark spots, flashes in front of the eyes), visual field disturbances and even temporary blindness that precede migraine pain itself. About 1 percent sick aura resembles a stroke. Patients may then experience temporary numbness in the arm, leg, sensory disturbance on one side of the body, and speech disorder.


It turned out that in the brains of people with migraine structural changes occurred more often than in people without this ailment, including irregularities in white matter and minor damage associated with hypoxia of the nerve tissue (similar to stroke, only on a smaller scale). This was especially true for patients who suffered from migraines with aura - in them, white matter abnormalities were more frequent by 68% and damage related to hypoxia by 44%. more frequent.


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