Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, a world-famous cellular biochemist, stressed:


"at the root of every disease is cell hypoxia. If to deprive a cell of 35% of its oxygen, it could turn into a cancer cell for 48 hours." - Otto Warburg


One of the methods of fighting cancer is radio and chemotherapy, which destroys cancer cells, but also healthy ones and wreaks havoc throughout the body. That is why oncological rehabilitation is very important, among other things, undergoing oxygen therapy to strengthen the body and clean it from toxins, and above all to oxygenate, because the cancer "does not like" oxygen. In addition, it reduces the level of c-reactive protein (a factor affecting the death / apoptosis of cancer cells) as well as other tumor markers. Oxygen therapy can be used only 6 weeks after the end of radio and chemotherapy.


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