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Athletes are increasingly using modern technologies to regenerate their strength as quickly as possible during demanding competitions.


For every athlete, physical condition is extremely important. Therefore, the best players enrich their training with regular oxygen therapy, which supports the overall health of the body and significantly reduces the time necessary for recovery after increased effort. It is often called legal doping .


How to get rid of soreness - oxygen therapy - Normo Life normobaric chamber


Pure oxygen therapy increases the ability of red blood cells and plasma to carry oxygen towards the cells, enables the production and deposition of collagen in tissues, reduces inflammation and supports the regeneration of damaged tissues so that you can return to training faster.


Oxygen therapy treatments are used by athletes to increase body performance and thus improve their results. Widely used oxygen therapy is among professional athletes, among others, the American athletics team,

hockey (NHL), American football (NFL), basketball (NBA) and football (MLS) where it is widely used as a supportive therapy for treating injuries and increasing body performance.

Michel Phelps, Tiger Woods and Novak Djokovic have also been using such therapy for years.

It is said that the performance of high-performance athletes after oxygen therapy increases by up to 10%.



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