Stroke is a sudden, local disorder of blood circulation in the brain that leads to the death of parts of this organ as a result of stopping the blood supply.


Stroke causes a number of damages, the most serious of which is necrosis caused by insufficient nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood to ischemic areas of the brain. Lack of normal blood flow (lack of oxygen and nutrients) brain tissue dies. However, if you look at the tissues that surround the necrosis, you will find that they have retained metabolic functions. And it is these areas that we can stimulate to more effective work, among others thanks to the use of oxygen therapy.


Research conducted by S. Efrati indicates the high effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT in improving neurological functions in people after a stroke. A team of researchers conducted a study involving 74 patients who had suffered a stroke within 6-36 months of conducting the study. Patients were subjected to tests examining their brain activity and neurological functions, were divided into two groups (control group and a group undergoing surgery in a hyperbaric chamber). Patients within 2 months were subjected to 40 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber lasting 90 minutes during which they breathed 100% oxygen. At the end of the study, it turned out that patients from the HBOT group reported clear advances in neurological functions (better speech use, resolution of paralysis, improved sensation) as well as improved overall quality of life.
According to S. Efrati, the cells of these tissues have been impaired, but they have enough energy to stay alive. The problem is the inability to send pulses. Additional oxygen supplied during the HBOT session ensures the regeneration of these cells, and thus regaining their vital functions and action potential.


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